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HOPE – in our villages, towns and cities

HOPE in our villages, towns and cities   HOPE brings churches together in mission.  The goal is to see individuals and communities in villages, towns and cities throughout the UK transformed by Jesus’ love. HOPE – a catalyst for mission “HOPE gave us a great excuse to work together in mission … through HOPE our… Read more »

Easter White Crosses

  Last year, churches erected their crosses from Palm Sunday through to Good Friday – some were left up for two weeks. The Easter White Crosses provide, in the words of the Bishop of  Hertford, “an opportunity for church people to put their names to their faith in a way which is clear and bold,… Read more »

Ministry of Welcome – Course

  The aim of this course is to give you a basic foundation on which to build your own Ministry of Welcome team(s).  The course is completely stand-alone and suitable for an hour long session – may be after the main Sunday service or as an initial discussion session for a PCC away day.  

Experience Journeys

  Produced by Jumping Fish Ltd, Diocese of Gloucester Resource Centre – ‘Experience Journeys’ – this dvd suggests interactive ways for churches to share the major festivals of the Church calendar with children from local primary schools. Ideas given for setting up around six ‘multi-sensory stations’ in the parish church – the Journeys outlined are:… Read more »

Sharing Faith the Jesus Way

  “A wise and generous exploration of evangelism begins with the truth and exploring how Jesus responded differently to individuals according to their needs and the state of their lives …”   (General Secretary, Churches Together in England) “Not a formula or a programme, just a challenge to live differently.  I recommend it to all Christians… Read more »

Jesus through Asian eyes

  For many people, western culture is intertwined with Christianity. So how do South Asians present their case? A new booklet entitled ‘Jesus through Asian eyes – 15 frequently asked questions‘ aims to give clear answers to those often-asked questions about Christianity from a South Asian perspective. The booklet is the brainchild of the South… Read more »

Scripture Union

God has called Scripture Union to serve a world in great spiritual need.  Our long term vision, which inspires and motivates our mission, is for: every Christian to be engaging enthusiastically with the Bible and growing in their faith, every Church to be fully equipped to make disciples of children and young people, and every… Read more »

Parish Nursing Ministries UK

  We seek to encourage congregations to make the connections between faith and health, between healing and wholeness, between spiritual life and physical activities.  Not just for themselves, but for the people who live and work around them.   Parish Nurses have a professional background in health care and can help churches to make these… Read more »

Viewfinder – aimed at reaching 18-30 yr olds

One of the greatest challenges faced by churches today is reaching out to 18-30 year olds.   The services offered by Viewfinder have been tailored to enable churches to meet this need.

Harry Potter : A Christian Chronicle

  Extract from foreword by Christina Rees:   “As a Christian and a Harry Potter fan, I am so grateful to Sonia Falaschi-Ray for writing this book.  Sonia brings remarkable insight to the Harry Potter books and offers a most helpful and perceptive analysis.  She has delved deep into the stories and has shwon that,… Read more »