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Contemplative Fire

  The vision and call of Contemplative Fire is revealed in the phrase ‘Creating a community of Christ at the edge’. Contemplative Fire seeks to live the mystery of life in Christ by invitation into the spacious stillness of Contemplative prayer and by transforming encounter with the Fire of God’s Spirit, which equips us for… Read more »

Sharing Faith the Jesus Way

  “A wise and generous exploration of evangelism begins with the truth and exploring how Jesus responded differently to individuals according to their needs and the state of their lives …”   (General Secretary, Churches Together in England) “Not a formula or a programme, just a challenge to live differently.  I recommend it to all Christians… Read more »

Beautiful Lives

1 Peter 3 : 2-4 speaks of the beauty and reverence which should characterise our lives as Christians and the creator of this course, Roger Morgan, believes that it is beautiful lives, lived in the power of the Holy Spirit, which lead others to faith.   The course is contained in a Leader’s Manual, with… Read more »

Jesus through Asian eyes

  For many people, western culture is intertwined with Christianity. So how do South Asians present their case? A new booklet entitled ‘Jesus through Asian eyes – 15 frequently asked questions‘ aims to give clear answers to those often-asked questions about Christianity from a South Asian perspective. The booklet is the brainchild of the South… Read more »

The Alpha Course

    Alpha is an opportunity for everyone to explore the Christian faith in a relaxed setting, over 10 thought-provoking weekly sessions, with a day or weekend away.   Over 2.5 million people in the UK and 15 million people worldwide have attended an Alpha Course, running in tens of thousands of churches of all… Read more »

Puzzling Questions

With the aim of providing a space for people to explore some of life’s deeper questions, discover spiritual issues that really concern them and connect with others who are on a spiritual journey, this course – Puzzling Questions – has been produced.  Sometimes described as a pre-Alpha course, some of the questions approached include: Why… Read more »


Foundations21 explores twelve key building blocks of the Christian faith – including prayer, the cross and mission – with a flexible blend of web-based study, group interaction and personal application. ‘For many years I had been looking for a course or resources that would help me to grow in my Christian discipleship, but because of… Read more »

Scripture Union

God has called Scripture Union to serve a world in great spiritual need.  Our long term vision, which inspires and motivates our mission, is for: every Christian to be engaging enthusiastically with the Bible and growing in their faith, every Church to be fully equipped to make disciples of children and young people, and every… Read more »

Parish Nursing Ministries UK

  We seek to encourage congregations to make the connections between faith and health, between healing and wholeness, between spiritual life and physical activities.  Not just for themselves, but for the people who live and work around them.   Parish Nurses have a professional background in health care and can help churches to make these… Read more »

CMS : Pioneer Mission Leadership Training

What do you mean by pioneering mission? “Some of us are doing stuff that has been done before …. pioneering involves re-imagining, coming up with fresh approaches, not being constrained by a box …  Pioneering is freedom to try new things, starting stuff from scratch.””For me being a pioneer is simply about going and being… Read more »