Reaching New People
Diocese of St Albans

Communities of Interest

Communities of Interest gather around shared interests and experiences, for example messy church, café church, sports church, or dementia church. Each group is given a coach to enable active learning and to help explore past experiences, where you currently are, what God is calling you to next and any learning that can be shared with the wider diocese.

These groups are a great space to reflect, pray, get help, learn from others, share your experiences and be encouraged in your RNP journey.


Your community will have a coach that will help you reflect on four questions:

    • Where have we been?
    • Where are we now?
    • Where is God calling us to next?
    • What learning do we need to share with the wider Diocese?

What Now?

Questions? Call for a conversation, it’s always good to talk, we are here to help you.

For more detailed information visit our website or talk to your RNP Development Officer.

Our current Development Officer is Alison Jackson.

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Reaching New People

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