Reaching New People
Diocese of St Albans

RNP Surveys

The RNP survey has been created to help us to support your Worshipping Community in your efforts to change lives, by developing and growing new disciples and as you nurture those already on a journey of faith.

We have recognised that some worshipping communities do not see themselves as Fresh Expressions (FXs) but they are reaching out to new people in their work so the RNP team is now using the title Worshipping Community to enable us to embrace as many types of missional gatherings as possible.

The ongoing responses you provide will enable you and the RNP team to see how things are going as time progresses and will assist us as we work with you individually.

In addition, the information will help us build a better ‘big picture’ for the Diocese of how we are continuing to make disciples within our diocesan Living God’s Love vision – “that God’s kingdom might grow in our world”.

Who is on our RNP journey?

There are benefices, teams and individual parishes actively engaged with us on our journey to reach new people from all stages and contexts, in large and small parishes in rural, semi-rural, urban and larger communities.

Some are the very beginning of their journey, prayerfully exploring how they might start something new for people who are not currently engaged with church where they are. Some have just set up a new Worshipping Community – whether it’s a café church, a messy mass, a walking group, a new group meeting in a local school, a forest church, or whatever. Some are well on the way with an established group, or more than one group – encouraging those who are coming along to grow as disciples and potentially become new leaders.

The one thing you all have in common is your enthusiasm and vision for reaching new people.

Learning through sharing our journey

Our surveys together with our regular monitoring, story-telling and other research all form part of our shared learning and development as we travel with you on this exciting journey.

The information you provide will help us to produce accurate information as seen below, with the hope of encouraging you in your journey and development of your worshipping communities. Over time we will be able to build up a healthy picture of all that is happening in our Diocese that is not part of the traditional Sunday service Pattern.

Our first Survey results

From our first Survey we are already seeing some helpful and exciting results

  • Across 42 churches surveyed we have 52 active communities or congregations
  • 55% of those who responded are encouraged or very encouraged
  • 17% were discouraged or very discouraged – almost all of these had not started (possibly the most challenging time in their journey) and their responses have enabled the RNP team to respond to them individually with support
  • 49% are meeting regularly on a monthly basis
  • We already have a really interesting mix of Worshipping Communities and congregations of varying sizes, at different stages on their development cycle and all working in their own unique local community setting.
  • Pie chart showing mix of Worshipping Communities
  • There is an even split between adults and young people
  • Pie chart showing ages attending
  • We have encouraging signs of commitment through baptisms, thanksgivings and confirmations
  • Bar chart showing baptisms, thanksgivings and confirmations
  • And through the numbers we see as growing as disciples
  • Bar chart showing ages growing as disciples
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Reaching New People

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