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Indicator Pack 

The RNP Indicator Pack has been developed to help you and the RNP team track the progress of your missional activities.  This enables us to learn from things that are going well and to provide additional support in areas that would benefit from development.

Each time your new community meets, we ask you to count those leading, helping and attending it by different age groups and then to record the information on our RNP Regular* Monitoring Questionnaire which can be found here.

*This can be weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even occasional.

Those receiving or applying for an FX grant will be asked to use the RNP Indicator pack, and if you’re considering applying for a grant, the Indicator Pack will provide valuable background detail for your application so please do start using it as early as possible.


For more information or to talk about your next steps, contact your FX Development Officer or Tricia Humber at

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Reaching New People

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