Reaching New People
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Messy Church Campover in Clifton

It’s England, it’s summer and it’s raining! But after the heatwave earlier in the year, All Saints Clifton were pleased to be in the cool and spirits were definitely not damp at the first Messy Church Campover! They had 11 families join them for a Messy Campover from 27th – 28th July (making a group of 45 overall with 19 helpers from both churches in the benefice). With a theme based on Psalm 8, they were all set to explore and celebrate the wonders of God’s creation! The families pitched up at 10:30am and set up camp at Clifton Bury Farm by kind permission of the farmer.

The fun began with finding lunch! With all the food locked in a wooden box with codes to crack and clues to find.

After the codes were cracked and lunch enjoyed, the crafty activities began, including kite making, raft building, and banner and flag making. Later in the day the children enjoyed a mini Safari, Stream dipping and some swimming, curtesy of a nearby houses’s kind hospitality!

The first day then closed back at the Barn with a celebration based on Psalm 8, a talk on star gazing, followed by singing, prayers and Messy Grace!

The campout ended the next morning with a shared breakfast of bacon sandwiches and closing prayers, before everyone headed home tired and happy.

It was an amazing time together of fellowship, teaching and fun!

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Reaching New People

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