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The world is changing at quite a pace and we are all witnessing a massive shift in the culture we live in. The way we do ‘church’ and continue to communicate the Christian message faithfully to those around us is changing too.

So we’re planning a series of events which we hope will provide creative space to explore together why mission is essential wherever we are and how we can all ensure that new worshipping communities continue to multiply.

“The best way  to honour our parents is not to wear their old clothes, but to pass their story on.”

Community of Imagination

Two interactive training days exploring the ‘why’ of contextual mission.

Designing for a Christian Life – (Luke’s gospel) – Book Here

  • Why making new disciples through new worshipping communities is key in today’s missional context
  • Thursday 27th  February, from 9:30am to 3:00pm at Youthscape in Luton

Designing for Christian Community – (Acts) – Book Here

  • Why new Christian communities are an expression of the life of the Trinity
  • Tuesday 5th May,  from 9:30am to 3:00pm at Youthscape in Luton

 Both days will cost £10.00 each and will include lunch and refreshments

We believe some of the biggest successes in the world are slight variations of not-so-great ideas. A wild notion might be two or three steps away from a transformational idea.  So bring your oddball ideas, get some useful feedback and take away something new to try.

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Reaching New People

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