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Has three new ideas before breakfast?

Gets deeply passionate about the lonely, the lost, the poor or anyone on the margins of society?

Frequently asks to start new services, or start new events to invite others to?


If so, the Reaching New People team are delighted to be able to tell you about our Pioneer Enabler training, which has been piloted very successfully in January to July 2021 with the first cohort of 13 pioneers.

Designed especially to encourage the pioneer gift in different missional contexts and to nurture innovative mission on the ground, this lay pioneering training will be delivered in partnership with Church Mission Society (CMS) and based centrally within the St Albans Diocese. This forms part of  the restructuring of lay training within the diocese and on successful completion of this one year course the pioneer will be commissioned by the Bishop as a “Pioneer Enabler” within their sending parish.

The Enabler Handbook is available here.

The liturgy for commissioning Enablers is available here.



Enablers are required to complete the online Basic Awareness Module (formerly C0) and Foundations Module (formerly C1). In order for Enablers in Training to receive the letter of permission from the Bishop, enabling commissioning, these safeguarding requirements must be met.

Enablers need to keep up to date with safeguarding requirements. This means attending a refresher course for the highest required level of training. It is the parish’s responsibility to ensure that Enablers are up to date with their safeguarding requirements.

It is recommended that the parish considers obtaining a basic disclosure for the Enabler, unless the Enabler has an up-to-date DBS check due to another role in church which requires a DBS check. Information on basic disclosures can be found here.

Booking for the Course

Booking information for beginning the Pioneer Enabler course in September 2022 will be available soon. In the meantime, if you’re interested in learning more about the training please email us.

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