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RNP Training

The Reaching New People Training Course is a practical and inspiring learning experience that will help you to develop your new worshipping communities and make disciples of Christ.

The training focuses on three main areas from the RNP Development Cycle: Explore, Integrate and Engage.

You can book on to all of our courses via Eventbrite.


  • At the beginning: Looking at why we need new forms of church, and the biblical, theological and missional precedence for new Christian communities.
  • Learning to listen: Offering practical tools for understanding people, and learning how to develop an empathetic culture that enables us to identify with our neighbours and local communities.
Diagram of the Explore section of the RNP cycle


  • Loving & Serving: Exploring what healthy missional leadership looks like and how we apply those skills to meeting the needs within our community.
  • Building Community: Covering the steps we can take to develop a generous community that reflects and models God’s Kingdom on Earth.

Diagram of the Integrate portion of the RNP cycle


  • Evangelism & Discipleship: Helpful ideas on how to share the gospel of Christ and offer opportunities for people in our community to explore becoming his disciples.
  • Church taking shape and Doing it again: This covers biblical foundations and practical tools for developing and multiplying new Christian communities.
A diagram of the Engage section of the RNP cycle

Format and Locations

If you are interested in our training, please get in touch with our Training Coordinator, Sue Hughes.


We also offer:

  • Pioneer Enablers – a lay pioneering course in partnership with Church Mission Society.
  • Transforming Conversations – a four day coaching course for lay and ordained leaders.
  • Webinars that provide teaching you can access from the comfort of your own home.
  • Consultancy options if you would benefit from training and support designed especially for you and your team.
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Reaching New People

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