Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

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Diocesan Vision

Living God’s Love is the vision of the parishes, church schools and chaplaincies across Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire, Luton and Barnet. This vision is grounded in the love of God and love of neighbour flowing from God’s love for us. Its three priorities are:

  • going deeper into God
  • transforming communities
  • making new disciples

The Diocesan Board of Education works to see church schools at the heart of the Diocese’s mission.

The Vision of the DBE

In January 2019, the Board of Education introduced its revised vision for education: ‘Living God’s Love in Education: Enabling Life in all its Fullness’.

Underpinned by the National Church of England vision for education and our diocesan vision, the Board of Education will ‘Live God’s Love in Education’ through creative and innovative partnerships with local, regional and national partners. In ‘Enabling Life in all its fullness’, the Board will work alongside those providing statutory services to schools, delivering advice and support in a distinctively Christian manner which enables all to flourish.

Across the next three years, the Board will work towards:

  • 90% of its schools being deemed to be good or outstanding church schools
  • Over 90% of its schools using Understanding Christianity as a means of deepening pupils’ knowledge and understanding of the Christian faith
  • Delivering two diocesan-wide initiatives a year which promote an understanding of Living God’s Love through community, worship and prayer
  • Extending and developing its work to promote pupil and staff wellbeing through training, away days and retreats
  • Increasing the number of pupil places available in Church of England schools, especially in the 11-18 age range

Our Schools

The Schools Team liaises with the 138 Anglican church schools in the Diocese of St Albans, covering six Local Authorities: Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Luton, the London Borough of Barnet and Buckinghamshire. 23 schools are academies. Most of the schools are primary phase, but there are 5 secondary schools and 5 middle schools which are deemed secondary. Education is currently in a state of flux, so even these simple facts are likely to change.

Find out about more about church schools here : What is a church school?

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St Albans Schools – Term dates 2021-22

The Diocesan Board of Education

The Schools Team is governed by the Diocesan Board of Education. This is a statutory body established under the Diocesan Boards of Education Measure 1991, with functions including the promotion of education consistent with the faith and practice of the Church of England, the promotion of religious education and religious worship in schools and academies, the promotion of Church schools and academies in the diocese, and advice to school governors on any matter affecting Church schools and academies.

The Board of Education of the Diocese of St Albans exists to provide support and advice to church schools throughout the Diocese. The Diocesan Resource Centre holds resources for schools, youth work, children’s work in churches and general parish use. The Centre is open to all churches and to church schools, community schools and private schools.

Constitution of the Diocesan Board of Education

Membership of the Diocesan Board of Education

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  • Going Deeper into God
  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities