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Children and Communion

An increasing number of parishes in St Albans Diocese are admitting children to Holy Communion before Confirmation. Children can be admitted to Communion before Confirmation only after parishes have followed the processes set out by the Bishop of St Albans, outlined below in easy stages.

Policies and Processes

Preparing the Way – Admission of Children to Communion before Confirmation. Diocesan policy, with guidance on how to implement it in your parish.

General Synod Regulations on Baptised Children receiving Holy Communion before Confirmation.


Explore Communion before Confirmation and prepare children to take it with the help of these resources:

A selection of resources for the admission of baptised children to Communion before Confirmation.

Bishop’s Consent Form to be completed after the Parochial Church Council(s) have agreed that the benefice/Parish wish to proceed with a policy of admitting baptised children to Communion before Confirmation.




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  • Transforming Communities

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