Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Amy’s Climate Change Poem – Clifton All Saints’ Primary School

Clifton All Saints Primary often talk about what can be done to help with climate change. One of the pupils who regularly contributes to these discussions is Year 4 pupil, Amy. Amy recently wrote a poem about her suggestions to slow down Climate Change and make a difference to our planet. She is very passionate about the Earth and has completed a number of different activities linked to making a difference over the last 12 months. She has submitted the  poem to Blue Peter as part of their latest competition. Her poem is below:


It’s climate change! It’s climate change!

It’s happening right now!

We all want to stop it,

But the question’s ‘how?’


Tip number 1 I’ll show you here:

Cycle, walk or run!

It’ll reduce your carbon footprint;

Stinky cars don’t seem as fun!


Tip number 2 is on this verse,

Turn lights off in an empty room.

Your energy use will plummet down,

Hopefully very soon!


Tip number 3 sounds quite easy,

But it’s really not!

Use less plastic, yes, I know –

Don’t use that nasty grot!


Tip 4 you might already do,

Recycle more and more.

Look out for those green triangles,

That you can’t ignore.


Tip 5, my last one, just for now,

Plant flowers, grass and trees –

If you look after nature,

You’ll help hedgehogs, bugs and bees!


Now you’ve heard my little tips

To do throughout your day,

We must change back climate change,

Or earth will have to pay.


Don’t leave this stuff to us kids!

Don’t give us all this mess!

If leaders go the extra mile –

They can relieve our stress!


So go out there, spread the word –

Let people hear our cry:

‘This planet needs OUR help, right now!’

Make people realise why!

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