Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Kensworth’s Reflection Time During Lock-down

Kensworth’s Reflection Time During Lock-down

Kensworth Church of England Academy wanted to offer hope and thanks, bringing the community together to support one another during lock-down. Over a period of five weeks from April, they created prayer stations so children, along with their families, could have reflection time. Their hope was that it would give support for individuals, families and the community.

In week 1 they considered ‘Others First’. When we are worried it is easy to put ourselves first and forget about what others need. This prayer activity helped children to consider how difficult it can be to put others first. A large cross was placed on school grounds and as part of daily exercise children were invited to come and place a stone/pebble in cross. A member of staff cycled 35 miles round trip to place their stone in the school cross.

Week 2 focussed on ‘Please Prayers’. Children were invited to pray for individuals who needed God’s care and love. This could have included family members or friends who were ill, or who were a long way away.

Week 3 was ‘Light in darkness’. This was an opportunity for the children to acknowledge their anxieties and fears, and give them to God.  Even a small tealight makes a difference in a darkened room. The image was used to help childrens to see hope during this difficult time.

During week 4, the school joined in with Christian Aid Week- and pinned Kensworth on the UK map participating in the Global prayer chain.

Week 5 concentrated on ‘Gratitude.’ Even during this worrying time there are things to thank God for. The children were encouraged to look around and notice the good things that are around them. They sent their bird and flowers pictures into school and they are now hanging on the prayer tree in their entrance hall.

Their next stage was to create a Thank You Wall to provide an opportunity to thank God for the people who care for others such as doctors, nurses, health care workers and our own family and friends.

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