Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Lock-Down Learning at Park Street

Lock-Down Learning at Park Street

At Park Street Primary school, there has been a huge amount happening. Although the school community has been apart throughout lock-down, they have managed to stay connected and the children have been creating some incredible work.

Year 1 have been brilliant during this time and have done incredibly well with their learning. Every day, they are working on their Phonics and have written some great pieces about what they would do if they found a tiger in the classroom! They have searched their homes for objects made from different materials and explored their gardens for different plants and flowers. They also researched Mary Anning and made fact files about her.

Year 1 have also been extremely busy and creative in the kitchen; making delicious cakes, fossil cookies, bread and lemonade!

Year 2 have also been wowing the school with their lock-down learning; creating amazing projects of Neil Armstrong and learning all about the United Kingdom and some of its iconic landmarks. Not only that, but they have also been challenging their teachers to online puzzle competitions, which they created themselves.

Trying to stay connected, Year 3 children have been thinking about others and writing good news letters to send to someone they haven’t seen because of lock-down. Keeping positivity at the forefront of their minds, they also painted ‘positivity’ and shared it with others, spreading kindness throughout the community.

The positivity continues into Year 4, where they have been working hard and becoming expert bakers by making refreshing lemonade to help them cool off during the hot spell.  They have been enjoying relaxing walks where they take time to notice the beautiful wildlife and scenery. Every week, they have been getting creative: drawing their favourite character from a recent read; creating illuminated letters for their Anglo-Saxon topic work; or collecting leaves when out and about to create leaf necklaces.

Year 5 also rose to the challenge of the lock- down and engaged extremely well with their home learning. They created online games, researched the invasion of the Vikings, made wood stores, and baked cakes and made ginger beer for the VE celebrations.

Lastly, but not least, is the Year 6 team who have been wonderful at creating artwork from landscapes to pop art. They have been thinking about how to make a difference and how to spread kindness, always. As Mateusz so clearly puts it, Year 6 believe that ‘kindness is something you don’t show off about. It is very modest, not loud and showy. You don’t need to give a homeless person a huge mansion, an army of servants, an exclusive car and then show it all on social media for everybody to see; no that isn’t how kindness works. It involves giving money to the poor, volunteering for a community project and helping someone without bragging about it’.

For the children of the school’s critical workers, Park Street Primary have become archaeologists at school and have dug a test pit. So far, they have found lots of pieces of pot, a piece of tile with a blue pattern on and even a coin from 1954! Not only this, but they have also been getting their hands green and have started digging flower beds for their community garden, planting courgettes, sweetcorn and beans.

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