Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Religious Education

Ensuring the provision of high-quality education is a major priority of the Board of Education. Through its RE & Christian Ethos Adviser, Ryan Parker, the Board supports work across all church schools in the Diocese and community schools in Bedfordshire, providing advice, training, conferences and networking opportunities for RE specialists.

Statement of Entitlement from the Church of England Education Office (2019)

Spiritual Development – Interpretations in the Classroom

Ofsted RE Research Review (May 2021) – Summary

Curriculum Design in Religious Education – Think Pieces

#BalancedRE – Religion and Worldviews in a Broad and Balanced Curriculum (A Practical Tool)

The approach to RE curriculum design has been developed by four Diocesan RE advisers* for use in all schools and academies. This work has been developed in collaboration with teachers and subject experts over the last four years and has recently received support from the Church of England Education Office to facilitate its further development. The four advisers set out to try and achieve a balanced curriculum that enables pupils to hold balanced and well-informed conversations about religion and belief. This balanced approach will ensure that children and young people are able effectively develop their religious literacy. Implicit within this is the study of a range of religions, belief systems and worldviews.

A suite of resources to accompany this approach is currently being trialled by teachers and advisers who received training on the approach in November. This will be uploaded to this website in due course.

*Jane Chipperton (formerly Diocese of St Albans), Gillian Georgiou (Diocese of Lincoln), Olivia Seymour (Diocese of York) and Kathryn Wright (Diocese of Norwich)


Find out more about NATRE and your local group here.

General Resources

Parables Project

Trinity Resource Pack

National briefings and reviews


Voices of faith and belief in schools

RE Council of England & Wales:

Research for RE

Commission on Religious Education

Religion and Worldview: The Way Forward. A national plan for RE

State of the Nation Report

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