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Useful Documents



Capital Funding, Buildings & Land

Blue Book – Capital Funding advice for VA schools

LCVAP Checklist (from Diocese of St Albans)

Playing Field Advice 2015

VAT Guidance (HMRC)


Disqualification under the Child Care Act 2006 – 2015

Prevent Duty Guidance

DfE Best Practice Advice for School Complaints 2016


Charities & Charity Trustees – an introduction for school governors

St Albans Diocese Guide for Governors of CE Schools 2016

Governance in Multi-Academy Trusts (National College)

What governors should expect from school leaders

School Organisation

Memorandum of Understanding between the DfE and the National Society

Making significant changes to an existing academy Guidance 2014

School Organisation Guidance 2014


The Diocese of St Albans

Admissions letter to schools 2018-19

Admissions Guidance

Affiliated Status booklet and application form

Multi-Academy Trustsbriefing note and guidance

Schools Ministry (run through the Diocesan Youth Service)

School Term Dates 2016-18

DBE Vision for Church Schools

DBE Vision for Church Schools – for individualisation by schools


The Church of England Education Division (the National Society)

A Diocesan Board of Education for the Future

Dearing report – the way ahead

Fruits of the Spirit– a CE discussion paper on Character Education (October 2015)

Going for Growth

Making a Difference: a review of Religious Education in Church of England schools

Memorandum of Understanding between the DfE and the National Society

Small Schools: Toolkit

Small Schools: Toolkit guidance

Statement of entitlement to RE in CE schools

The Church of England Vision for Education July 2016

The Church School of the Future Review

Valuing all God’s Children

Working Together: the future of rural Church of England schools

Church of England publications


Academy Governance

How to run an Academy School – Katie Paxton-Doggett, ICSA Publishing 2014  ISBN 978 1 86072 610 1


  • Going Deeper into God
  • Making New Disciples
  • Transforming Communities

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