Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
The Big Church Survey is coming

The Big Church Survey is coming

Churches have asked how they can encourage people to grow in faith, discipleship and mission. The Big Church Survey has been developed to help, and it will be piloted with around 200 churches in the spring.

The survey is easy to use, available in several accessible formats and will take people an average of five minutes to complete. The more people in a congregation who complete the survey, the more a church will learn. It will also help dioceses to learn more about its congregations and nationally we will be able to find out about the good work in our churches across age groups and regions.

To participate all you need is a church ‘Champion’ to help get the survey off the ground. The survey can be accessed and completed via a free app, a paper form or The Big Church Survey website.

Once a church has completed its survey, the Champion will be able to download a short report which will summarise the responses from their church and provide key information about the people who live in their parish so that they can get a clear view of how they compare to their wider community. This short downloadable report will provide churches with valuable information to help with their mission planning and growth.

Right now, the Big Church Survey team are working hard getting everything ready for the pilot study which will not only help these churches with their mission, but also help us gain valuable feedback about what it was like for the churches to take part in the survey, so we can plan for the main survey in 2020. If your church would like to be involved in either the pilot or main survey, please contact the Research & Statistics unit at

For more information about The Big Church Survey, then please see The Big Church Survey website

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