Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage

Faith in Young People report

The Faith in Young People report is a summary of the extensive research carried out by the Youthscape Centre for Research on behalf of the Diocese. Every church was invited to take part in this project that sought to determine the shape and scope of our youth provision.

Why did we conduct this research?
Young people are vital for our churches to flourish and grow and for many of us, it was as young people that we discovered Jesus and the amazing adventure He had for us. Living God’s Love with the emerging generation is a key part of our calling and to do that, we need to know the opportunities and challenges that we face.

Are the findings important?
This research will provide the foundation of a new strategy to support and enable each church in its work with young people. The report invites us to confront the current trajectory we are on, giving us a chance to change it. We all have a part to play so please read and share this report widely.

For more information or support as your team responds, get in touch.

Christian Cole, Diocesan Youth Missioner

Faith in Young People report: download here
(if you would like a copy of the extended report please email us)

How can you respond?

  • Share the report with others in your congregation. Ask them what they think and what their experiences of youth ministry have been, both as a young person, parent and congregant.
  • Pray for young people as a church. Ask young people what they would like prayer for, research the challenges young people are facing and discover more of the concerns of young people in your local community.
  • Ask young people to contribute. It’s really important that young people have a chance to input into this conversation and shape our response. Please have a conversation with the young people in (or connected to) your church, record the responses and send them to us.
  • Sign Up as a Youth Champion. We have an idea to start a new network in the Diocese, not of youth leaders but people who can commit to championing the place of young people in church.
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