Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage
Living God's Love Values - Generosity, Joy, Imagination and Courage


Tearfund is a Christian relief and development agency, whose call is to follow Jesus where the need is greatest. Tearfund’s youth and student team is passionate about empowering radical disciples to raise their voices and make radical choices to benefit people in poverty. They work with young people, students and youth leaders, journeying to encounter more of God’s heart for people affected by poverty and injustice, discovering how we can respond with our whole lives services.

Have a browse below and you’ll find a range of resources aimed at inspiring you and motivating you to get involved (click on the title to link to the relevant webpage):

A Different World

Do you want to help your youth group understand how they can be part of changing tomorrow’s world today? A different World is ten ready to use meetings on poverty, justice and our need to respond to global issues. The activities, games, Bible studies, a video and other resources on the CD ROM help introduce each topic in a lively and imaginative way. Case studies throughout bring the subjects to life. And at the end of each session you are given practical and biblical advice on what we can do as individuals and communities to really make a difference.

Express Community

This is an inspirational and practical guide to give young people the methods and principles needed for social action. In order to be effectively equipped it is essential to spend some time looking at the Bible and working out exactly what needs doing. It ends the debate that evangelism and social action are two separate things and enables you to develop a more purposeful approach to serving Jesus in your community. Who’s it for? Youth, student and young adult groups, teachers and school workers.

Just People? Course For Youth Groups & Students

Tearfund’s justice and discipleship course will help you and your youth group make sense of faith and life in response to global poverty. What can we actually do to change things? And how does that fit with an everyday life that is trying to follow Jesus? Just People? explores these questions with your group and begins to join the dots between our discipleship and our mission; our faith and our action. The youth course is six weeks; the student course is four. Inside you’ll find two leaders’ guides one for each course and a DVD with all the clips for each session.

Lift The Label

An ethical living programme designed to enable young people to make effective and lasting changes to their lives at both personal and local levels. It focuses on young people as consumers and makes connections between their relationship with God, their consumer choices and the impact they can have on the world.   Twelve easy2use session plans for youth leaders, connecting God’s word on self, wealth and happiness to our world of food, fashion and finance.  You can also purchase a CD Rom which meets the curriculum needs across a broad range of subjects such as citizenship, Personal, Social and Health Education (PSHE), RE, geography and even textiles. It’s packed full of games, videos, lesson plans and much more.

Network (Engage)

12 easy2use session plans looking at the values that God wants us to use to shape the way we live our lives. Our aim with this resource is to support youth leaders and teachers in helping their young people to explore a range of values including, self worth, forgiveness, integrity and respect.



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